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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Different One

Hello again and thanks for joining me.

The following mix is unlike every other mix that I have done before. it contains no rock or hip hop at all. It's made up of minimalist, ambient, and experimental music. There are no primary vocals on any of these tracks, and as such I would ask that(if at all possible) you listen to these songs late at night on headphones. This mix was inspired by some deep insomnia that struck me a few nights back. I hate the feeling of knowing that I've stayed up waaaay too late when i hear birds chirping and see the sun's orange husk bumbling over the twilight. Anyhow...

The first track was sampled most recently by Kanye West for his track "Blame Game" featuring John Legend contained within the dark twisted whatever whatever fantasy album.
The second track was used in the film 28 Days Later, additionally it was inspired by the Apollo launches and expeditions.
Tracks three, five, six, and ten are personal favorites. The Polmo Polpo track in particular always stirs some deep sadness within me. I once attempted listening to Eno's Music For Airports while in an airport. I find it much more suitable to the bedroom.
The ninth track was sampled by RJD2(I forget what song he used it in..."The Proxy" maybe?).

Don't let Ben Frost scare you at the end. If you are falling asleep with this on, you might wake up during one of his tracks...

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Hope you don't mind this supremely weird one off. I'll be back to normal mixes soon :)

Have a wonderful night. The cover is Salvador Dali's Sleep.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Red and No Name

Sounds like a Kris Kristofferson song.  Anyhow, here are two fine mixes.  Standard fare, really.

Highlights for me:
Casa Castile, who i know absolutely nothing about.
Mice Parade
Bedrooms of the Nation
Caribou Vibration Ensemble, which was a group that Dan Snaith got together for ATP in Monticello, NY in 2009.  It consisted of Four Tet, Marshall Allen(of Sun Ra), Koushik(Stones Throw), and had a total of 4 drummers.
I tried to use relative no names that not many have heard of(excepting Caribou, Girls, on the rise Tame Impala and possibly Pissed Jeans/Mice Parade).
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Smoke DZA
Wave Machines
Dark Party

That's not to say that the rest are worthless.  I think both of these are pretty solid mixes.  The rock mix ends on a louder note and the electronic one ends on a weirder one.  There's plenty of pop and happiness to go around too though...
No Name:
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Enjoy folks.

Thanks to Arjan and Dan for cover images.