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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Details Don't Matter Much

This mix contains no distinct patterns(to me at least). It is equal parts old and new favorites.
The Lucero track is a bit of rarity. It comes from Makeshift Music 3, thusly, if you live outside Memphis, you've probably not heard it. I cannot believe that I didn't put any T. Rex on here. Over the past 2 weeks, I've listened to Marc Bolan so much. Anyhow, I think you'll enjoy these tracks. Some of them will hang with you for about a week and others will stay with you much longer(hopefully...if I'm doing my make-no-money-just-enjoyment job right).

I added some parallelism to the hiphop mix that I released the other day. Examples are the anitmc track here(which features Andrew Broder aka Fog), as opposed to the one on the hiphop mix. The only other example is the Black Lips track. The original is heard here, while the more meaty beaty version is held of Smell of the Ocean. SECRET TREASURES.

Click the pics for access

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Smell of the Ocean

As always, I am a rabid Four Tet fan and thusly wanted to start with his quirky, weird music. As I said in my previous post, I made this mix hand in hand with a rock mix. This one features an assortment of weirder hiphop and 1 dance track thrown in for no measure at all. Some of it(Antipop) coming from years ago, and some of it(Aesop) coming from this year. I've been a fan of Antipop Consortium for years from the strength of their Arrhythmia album alone, but I recently got ahold of Tragic Epilogue and became enamored once again. I was kind of turned off by their Ends Against the Middle EP, so I figured anything predating Arrhythmia was not so great(2002/2003 logic here).

Anyhow, enclosed is an assortment ranging from French rap(TTC and dDamage), Mush Records artists(antimc and Thavius Beck), etched-in-marble-to-honor-once-legends name drop tracks(Edan and Arsonists), upstart frenzy artists(The Cool Kids/Justice/Black Lips(Diplo Remix)).

I decided against releasing both mixes on the same day, as I feel that would require you to scroll through way too much of a page.

without further bullshittery:
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Monday, October 22, 2007

bonus round

Bonus time tomorrow:

Sorry, I've been a busy boy, volunteering at the indie memphis film fest, hanging out with J Spake for his birthday, et al. So as a reward, tomorrow i am releasing 2 mixes. I gotta get off my ass and get to work on the "art". Mix 1 is rocky and mix 2 is (bullwinkle)electronic/hip hop.

I'm finally getting to see my first flick from the film fest tonight, as all i've been doing the rest of the time is conversing with pushy, pretentious out of towners about their upsets and they ones that've actually lived up to their expectations. Tonight some jack ass from Alaska was giving me shit for not letting him enter early into a sold out showing.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

sorry, correction:
The mediafire key for the Vitalic albums is:
Vitlic albums here

Vitalic - Poney Part 1

If anyone is interested, I've uploaded all of the Vitalic that I have to my mediafire space.

Here's the folder with the zips:

Also, here's the video for Poney pt. 1(a track from ok cowboy).

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hyde's Clouds

I'm in love with this mix. It usually takes me longer than a week to collect one that I'm really proud of. I guess it's been a good week. Once again, I had to go back to Lost Sounds. I officially stopped pirating their shit this week when I bought a vinyl copy of the self titled album(which "Ophelia" is from). Future of the LEft is 2/3 of the Welsh band, Mclusky(whom I adore and advise you to check out). Blockhead is a producer from NYC who has done much work with Aesop Rock on albums such as Float, Labor Days to current. Santogold caught my ear recently being bumped from downstairs. I really liked the sounds. Shit is crazy. The MIA track was ripped from Diplo's Pitchfork Mix. I wasn't able to find the version with Bun B and Rich Boy anywhere else. Bat For Lashes was found on Kanye West's blog. I'd never heard them(her), but this video turned me on.

Odd Nosdam(of cLOUDDEAD fame) has released a new album on anticon. The track included here is from said album and features Why?. The Sky Patrol is a local DJ/Producer that I've been enjoying recently. Holly Golightly will be playing the Hi-Tone on October 19. The Harmony Brothers are a local band that I've been getting into. This is my favorite of the tracks from Ttheir myspace page.

anyhow, I hope you enjoy this. I've burnt it for my car and it won't come out for a while. Starts off garage/nasty ish, then shifts to more beat oriented music then off into wonderland/purgatory before coming down in a most unsettled, yet funky manner.

The Mediafire page where the Mix is split in 2!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rise Up Reading!

The title is from a google image search that I did. I found a flyer for Children's Book Week some time in November, and I loved it immediately. Again, with this mix it's a lot of what I've just been up on as well as some songs that I haven't revisited in a couple of years(such as Hymie's basement). I cobbled together Can's "Sing Swan Song", then Kanye's "Drunk & Hot Girls" which samples it directly, and since I'm not a huge fan of Kanye's track, I then switched off to A-Trak's Remix of "Stronger". Unfortunately my garageband was acting a fool(still is) and I couldn't splice them up properly into 3 separate tracks, so my apologies for the 10 minute track. Anyhow, hope you enjoy!

Also, because I understand not wanting to download 80-100 megs of mystery beat, I'm uploading individual tracks in a separate folder.
The Mix as a wholes
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Individual Tracks

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Also, wish your boy luck. I'm applying for a job as a WEVL(local radio) DJ.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

new mix tomorrow, friends. I've been lazy, fat, and drunk.