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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hyde's Clouds

I'm in love with this mix. It usually takes me longer than a week to collect one that I'm really proud of. I guess it's been a good week. Once again, I had to go back to Lost Sounds. I officially stopped pirating their shit this week when I bought a vinyl copy of the self titled album(which "Ophelia" is from). Future of the LEft is 2/3 of the Welsh band, Mclusky(whom I adore and advise you to check out). Blockhead is a producer from NYC who has done much work with Aesop Rock on albums such as Float, Labor Days to current. Santogold caught my ear recently being bumped from downstairs. I really liked the sounds. Shit is crazy. The MIA track was ripped from Diplo's Pitchfork Mix. I wasn't able to find the version with Bun B and Rich Boy anywhere else. Bat For Lashes was found on Kanye West's blog. I'd never heard them(her), but this video turned me on.

Odd Nosdam(of cLOUDDEAD fame) has released a new album on anticon. The track included here is from said album and features Why?. The Sky Patrol is a local DJ/Producer that I've been enjoying recently. Holly Golightly will be playing the Hi-Tone on October 19. The Harmony Brothers are a local band that I've been getting into. This is my favorite of the tracks from Ttheir myspace page.

anyhow, I hope you enjoy this. I've burnt it for my car and it won't come out for a while. Starts off garage/nasty ish, then shifts to more beat oriented music then off into wonderland/purgatory before coming down in a most unsettled, yet funky manner.

The Mediafire page where the Mix is split in 2!

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