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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Details Don't Matter Much

This mix contains no distinct patterns(to me at least). It is equal parts old and new favorites.
The Lucero track is a bit of rarity. It comes from Makeshift Music 3, thusly, if you live outside Memphis, you've probably not heard it. I cannot believe that I didn't put any T. Rex on here. Over the past 2 weeks, I've listened to Marc Bolan so much. Anyhow, I think you'll enjoy these tracks. Some of them will hang with you for about a week and others will stay with you much longer(hopefully...if I'm doing my make-no-money-just-enjoyment job right).

I added some parallelism to the hiphop mix that I released the other day. Examples are the anitmc track here(which features Andrew Broder aka Fog), as opposed to the one on the hiphop mix. The only other example is the Black Lips track. The original is heard here, while the more meaty beaty version is held of Smell of the Ocean. SECRET TREASURES.

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