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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rise Up Reading!

The title is from a google image search that I did. I found a flyer for Children's Book Week some time in November, and I loved it immediately. Again, with this mix it's a lot of what I've just been up on as well as some songs that I haven't revisited in a couple of years(such as Hymie's basement). I cobbled together Can's "Sing Swan Song", then Kanye's "Drunk & Hot Girls" which samples it directly, and since I'm not a huge fan of Kanye's track, I then switched off to A-Trak's Remix of "Stronger". Unfortunately my garageband was acting a fool(still is) and I couldn't splice them up properly into 3 separate tracks, so my apologies for the 10 minute track. Anyhow, hope you enjoy!

Also, because I understand not wanting to download 80-100 megs of mystery beat, I'm uploading individual tracks in a separate folder.
The Mix as a wholes
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Individual Tracks

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Also, wish your boy luck. I'm applying for a job as a WEVL(local radio) DJ.

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