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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Smell of the Ocean

As always, I am a rabid Four Tet fan and thusly wanted to start with his quirky, weird music. As I said in my previous post, I made this mix hand in hand with a rock mix. This one features an assortment of weirder hiphop and 1 dance track thrown in for no measure at all. Some of it(Antipop) coming from years ago, and some of it(Aesop) coming from this year. I've been a fan of Antipop Consortium for years from the strength of their Arrhythmia album alone, but I recently got ahold of Tragic Epilogue and became enamored once again. I was kind of turned off by their Ends Against the Middle EP, so I figured anything predating Arrhythmia was not so great(2002/2003 logic here).

Anyhow, enclosed is an assortment ranging from French rap(TTC and dDamage), Mush Records artists(antimc and Thavius Beck), etched-in-marble-to-honor-once-legends name drop tracks(Edan and Arsonists), upstart frenzy artists(The Cool Kids/Justice/Black Lips(Diplo Remix)).

I decided against releasing both mixes on the same day, as I feel that would require you to scroll through way too much of a page.

without further bullshittery:
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