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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Abandoned Hospitals and The Ram of Destiny (lol)

I'm bringing 2 mixes today. One is the standard mix of electronic and hip hop music. The other is standard rock mix. For those that dislike metal and ear piercing garage rock, rejoice for there is none to little here(the PJ Harvey track maybe...). For those that do love it, I'll make it up to you later.

Abandoned Hospitals:(Hip hop/ electronic)

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Soooo many tracks that I am really loving: The most laid back funk ever comes in the form of Jimix's Blackstreet "No Diggity" remix. The Prince-ly "Hot Raw Sec" of Jimmy Edgar is a track that probably made Chromeo simultaneously nut. TOKiMONSTA is a student of Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder Collective. Some serious words get spat in the Aleon Craft posse cut, the Black Milk track, and Ski Beatz collabo with Jean Grae and Jay Electronica(Wow!). Wait until the end of "Yoga Flame" from Aleon Craft for a huge dose of Stankonia era Outkast weirdness. I love it!
The Riz MC track is also a jam. The Rocketnumbernine track is taken from a recent Four Tet mix. I had to jack the track as I couldn't find an mp3 of it ANYWHERE and I am a master of finding things... :( Oh well, it'll do!

The Ram of Destiny:(Roxorz)

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"Arrow" from Katryn Calder(of The New Pornographers-she was Neko Case's replacement) is a most excellent track to wake up to. Dude from Wakey Wakey is on one Tree Hill. I have no idea what that is, but i bet my little sister does. You may recall Maps & Atlases for their track "Solid Ground" which I included on It's Miller Time . Anyhow, they're an awesome band of what seems like proggy math rock masters making pop inflections. Think a cute Don Cab(possible?).

Some Memphis love goes out to 3D Acid Glasses. I really like their track "Sloppy Surfing". The Fresh & Onlys have tightened the Hell up. I likes it(they're playing Hi Tone in October for 8 dollars! Come on!). Restless People is a group of 4 dudes that have previously worked together on projects such as Tanlines and Professor Murder(if neither of those names mean anything to you, please ask me to upload them for you). The new women album is pretty grand(they play Hi Tone in October also). The Caribou track is a live one from a recent Daytrotter session. If you don't like jammy, kraut rock drone....step off of it. If you enjoy that kind of thing, enjoy the Women and Caribou tracks(almost 12 and a half minutes of goodness!!).

BONUS ROUND VIDEO(on the actual blog only http://fuckagreatlake.blogspot.com )

Theophilus London - Oops(Tweet Cover) Produced by Hudson Mohawke

I've said too much, too much. Before i go though, both of the covers came from Dustin Cruseturner circa 2004 in our adventures around Memphis. Can you guess where Abandoned Hospitals came from? If you guessed St. Francis, you guessed wrong. The Ram of Destiny lives atop my mantle now. Her name is Smermy Smarmy. Now I've really said too much.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Third of Three: Cat Love

Welcome back! I hope you've had enough time to enjoy the first two installments of this trilogy of great. This one is jam packed for all sorts. Track two is a revived project of John Darnielle of Mountain Goats fame. Got a bit of Memphis love here(and no, I'm not necessarily counting Elvis considering the album that his track came from was called L.A. Gems volume something something); featured...Black Sunday is Alicja Trout of Lost Sounds fame, up and comers Magic Kids are present, and the always enjoyable Holly Cole. Wizard Smoke is from Atlanta. I got that track off of a compilation of all ATL bands/rappers. Several of the other artists were on the first mix of the trilogy(Stanza). I'll quit blabbering. There's a lot here. I tried to keep the heavy at the end... Plenty of pop is present, I promise...

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The cover is a chopped up picture of a post card that I took at an antique mall a few weeks back.

Lemme know what you thought!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Second of Three: HAZElwood

Second Installment! Yum! I hope that you enjoyed the first. This mix is filled with dancy psych yumminess from the likes of Caribou on down to the grooves of Fantastic Mr Fox. Upstarts aplenty; Lorn is a new releasee on Flying Lotus' Brain Feeder imprint, Kingdom has done work with A-Trak's Fool's Gold label, and i have no real idea who Ernest Ellis is, but I did his stuff.

I tried to range this mix, as I do with most. There're tracks for techno purists, as well as adoptees of bastard sounds. Hope you enjoy!

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The last installment, the rock mix, will be out in a few days. Let me know what you liked/disliked here.

The cover is of Captain Hazelwood, the captain of the Exxon Valdez.