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Friday, January 21, 2011

Age & The Carrot's Message

Well hot dog, it's been a little while! Constituency, how've you been? Happy new year and all.

I have much more to share as it's been a dog's age, but I don't want to overload anyone. I'll try to get back on schedule shortly. For now, I present a mix of softer, poppier rock music and one of dancey, bassy, and on occasion tender electronic and/or hip hop tracks. This feels like my first mix without an Aleon Craft track in about 6 months. Lots of familiar names to go around though. Some you might know from here, and some from their presence on Pitchfork/Spin/Rolling Stone, etc.

Hope you enjoy!

Age Highlights:
(for everyone, I recommend Age highly)
Anni Rossi-I don't really know much about her, but I like both tracks that are present here.
The Beck and Charlotte Gainsbourg tracks are both from a benefit compilation for the deaf.
Yuck is a new signee to Fat Possum Records and was also recently featured as a Rising act on Pitchfork. I used one of their tracks on a previous mix, but it sounds nothing like the one present here. I'll probably end up uploading their full album for all.

As always, click the image to download the mix.

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Carrot Highlights:
I absolutely adore this Noah and the Whale track/Remix. It's so simple, but so catchy. The dark stabs that Chew-Fu throws in make me pee a little.
Gatekeeper is horrifying(DURP).
Obligatory bass ridden female vocal sampled tracks here include MIA and Kid Sister tracks being ridden hard by a Brit and a Viking god.
The Matthew Dear Breakbot remix is so sublimely strange. Just put the original out of your head.
jj go hard.
Star Slinger comes to Hi Tone in March on tour with Baths.
James Blake continues his rise.

Given that the Age mix is full of pop bursts, this mix also has plenty to give out. There really is something for everyone. Maybe I'm overextending my tendencies to try to please listeners of all varietals, but I truly do enjoy all of these tracks.

The Carrot's Message:
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More to come later, brahs. Let me know what you thought/loved/hated/took nyquil to.