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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a way to put out mixes, fuckers

This is a mix for Anthony

I made this blog to be able to post whatever. fuck a great lake. i like rivers more.

Anthony, your mix is made up of songs that I knew you liked when you were here and songs that I figure you might like now. I hope you are doing well.

Standout tracks in my eyes(ears) are:
The first track JayManila's "Win Again" is supremely excellent. The quality is shit, but the lyrics are amazing. I tried typing them all out but ran out of patience around the minute/30 second mark.

Black Bird is still a mystery to me. I've listened to his whole album(bird's eye view) several times, but when i do such the songs tend to blend together and leave no impression at all. However, if you digest one song at a time, I find it much easier.

The Legends' track is very chilled. The vocoded vocals, not vocoded T-Pain, vocoded like Kraftwerk are a nice touch.

Masta Killa is excellent.

Several Four Tet related tracks are on here. The MAtthew Dear song "Deserter" gets remixed by 4tet and then I put a track from his collabo with drummer Steve Reid.

I made a weirdness section, tracks 15 and 16(Pere Ubu and Reaching Quiet respectively) that I figured you'd enjoy :) I know you like Why? and I figure you'd like the stalkery deliciousness within "Codex".

The SebastiAn Remix is for sillyness' sake.

The Cover:
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The Mix!

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