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Thursday, August 23, 2007

the first mix posted to bring back pluto

I'm the type of person that is always making mixes, whether they are for others or not generally doesn't matter as I end up listening to them way more than the recipient probably ever could. This mix is a fairly typical one. I take a bit of everything I have been listening to and cater to a friend in particular(of course weeding out what they may hate). I love this mix. It's a greatest hits of my late winter to now. The artists are a mix up and some have already appeared in this blog. Hope you enjoy what you've not heard.

In the last post, I inserted a Lost Sounds' track. Well, on this mix, I've upped the take, adding in two more tracks from Lost Sounds related folks. The first track is by Mouserocket(fronted by LS's Alicja Trout) and is remixed by Jay Lindsey aka Jay Reatard. Also featured later on is a track by Lindsey himself. I really like both, as Lindsey shows his aptitude on both ends of the mic cord.

Also of note, the Beach House track. I am sad that I missed them when they played the Hi-Tone a few months ago. very sad. This track is my relaxation piece. There's nothing superb about it. At all. Really. I just love it for whatever reason. It sounds whole/complete and most things these days do not. Plenty of air to breathe in what sounds like an insecure track.

I like to augment the Beach House track with the Mice Parade song. I spaced them out on the cd, but they're great back to back.

I found the Oh No! Oh My! track on a Kitsune Maison compilation. I had heard them before through their myspace page, after learning that Tim of Snowglobe was to be joining them temporarily on tour, which then turned into a full time stay. I was unimpressed with the myspace songs and wrote them off completely until i heard this track. (Of note: I still remain unimpressed with all else I have heard.../sigh...why can't Snowglobe be bigger and better?).

It was hard to place the Lost Sounds track, seeing as how it is so abrupt at the inset.

The Caribou song should be lsitened to on headphones. This should also be applied to the Low track. I love their organ sound. We have one similar at the studio and I love the bass hums that resonate from it.

The Heart Attack= 1 Part Cee-Lo Green + Plantlife This track has been floating around the internet for a good while, but in case you have not heard it...

LOL The In Living Color piece is wtfdelicious(to me anyhow, not so much Soph). I found it on the mad decent(Diplo) page.

The rest is pretty much your standard fair of pretties and delights. Enjoys!

Cover Art by me:


The mix itself!!

P.S. The Matthew Dear track is sexy and fabulous and excellent. I wish the rest of his album held up like so. [flat trumpet sound]

a previous blog from bring back pluto

I started making a mix for today and before I knew it, I had 4 hours worth of songs. I'm still in the process of cutting it down and trying to decide where I want to go with it. At first, it was just going to be a bunch of stuff that I got over the past week. I decided later, while scrolling through iTunes, that at some point I'm going to have to upload an Anticon mix of some sort. I just love them too much to not get it out to people that are unfamiliar. They offer such a wealth of art and viewpoint.

Anyhow, that''ll come later. For now, here's stuff!
I figured that the initial Sole track would be a pretty good opener. It's short and fairly straightforward/autobiographical. really like track 2. The Brad P song is pretty cool. He's local, one of the singers of Snowglobe. The track is off of the Makeshift 5 compilation, out now around Memphis' record shops(Shangri-La, Goner, SpinStreetm Last Chance, etc.). "Suburb Party" was my favorite track on this Mike Ladd-lead project from the early 2000s. It features El-P and Vast Aire...

The Original Cyndi track is from several years ago. 2 of my studio partners were in that band in its original incranation. This was my favorite track from that period. The quality is ehhhh, but the song is excellent. The DAT Politics song is put on here just to annoy people that hate that type of music. I borderline hate it as well. Borderline.

Harlan T is another local, whose new album is getting really decent press. I still like the first one a lot more, but....I thought since this is more recent, it should be shared.

My brother let me borrow Samurai Champloo last week. I've never been into anime, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Fat Jon did some of the music for it, so when I got online and started looking into him more I found out he had done this album with Laptop guy, Styrofoam.

I downloaded 3 albums worth of Einst├╝rzende Neubauten yesterday and am still ingesting and digesting them. This is some seriously crazy shit. I left off most of the tinnitus inducing early stuff... I recommend them highly so far.

blah blah, where's Soph? I don't really feel like writing. Sorry if today sucks. I hope you enjoy the music anyhow.

The cover is included in the zip file itself. It's silly of course...

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The mix itself!!

Additionally, I just finished Dune(the 1984 film that David Lynch claims no cut of). What the fuck? I wish I rode a giant worm. He who controls the Spice...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a way to put out mixes, fuckers

This is a mix for Anthony

I made this blog to be able to post whatever. fuck a great lake. i like rivers more.

Anthony, your mix is made up of songs that I knew you liked when you were here and songs that I figure you might like now. I hope you are doing well.

Standout tracks in my eyes(ears) are:
The first track JayManila's "Win Again" is supremely excellent. The quality is shit, but the lyrics are amazing. I tried typing them all out but ran out of patience around the minute/30 second mark.

Black Bird is still a mystery to me. I've listened to his whole album(bird's eye view) several times, but when i do such the songs tend to blend together and leave no impression at all. However, if you digest one song at a time, I find it much easier.

The Legends' track is very chilled. The vocoded vocals, not vocoded T-Pain, vocoded like Kraftwerk are a nice touch.

Masta Killa is excellent.

Several Four Tet related tracks are on here. The MAtthew Dear song "Deserter" gets remixed by 4tet and then I put a track from his collabo with drummer Steve Reid.

I made a weirdness section, tracks 15 and 16(Pere Ubu and Reaching Quiet respectively) that I figured you'd enjoy :) I know you like Why? and I figure you'd like the stalkery deliciousness within "Codex".

The SebastiAn Remix is for sillyness' sake.

The Cover:
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The Mix!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This is really for nothing yet.