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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Pirnce

This week I was unable to devote much time to the art, as you can tell. I did this in about 4 minutes from finding the picture of the Mach, to transferring my face to it. Whatever. I had to write a paper comparing the role of fear in Hobbes' Leviathan to Mach's The Prince, so I had it on the brain. Anyway, what's important.

The music:
I'd already completed an early of this mix about 1.75 weeks ago, but with trying to keep a consistent release schedule, I held it off. Glad I did, in those 1.75 weeks, I added new music to the hard drives and kept changing this mix. This is version 5.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Standouts and general info:

The Holy Fuck track is pretty cool. They're an organic rock band that makes music that emulates electronic music. heh
Another Justice DANCE remix, but this one is special considering who is on it. or maybe that's what makes it not so special. I like Spank's initial verse, but the rest is ehhhh...
Elzhi is amazing, nothing new there.
The Fink track is enjoyable. He sounds very similar to Mike Doughty of Soul Coughing fame.
I was rewatching the first season of Curb Your Enthusiasm recently and "Still Crazy..." was featured in the ep and made me want to download it. Did so and it's been on repeat ever since.
The Burial track is insane to me. I can't describe what I love about it, but whenever it comes on in the car I can't go to the next track without listening to it about 4 times in a row(unless someone else is in the car). I only recently discovered that the vocal samples are from Ray J's "One Wish" and my mind was blown. How the hell...?

The Album Leaf track is beautiful. Who would expect less?

and the final track from Avey Tare(of Animal Collective) and his wife, Kria Brekkan(formerly of Mum) is indeed a strange one, but a good one to end on.

I feel confident about this mix. It's all over the place, as usual, but enjoyable. I hope you feel the same.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Jack the Bear and a fat man on a fake bull

I apologize that it's been a little longer than 2 weeks since my last post. I've been trying to remain consistent with these posts, but it's hard sometimes. I've been out of the house a lot and got fed up the first time that I tried making some art for this beast. I finally got the patience to sit down and cut out way too many joggers and just get it over with. Around this time, I was sipping some White label Dickel and ice and started having fun with the bear/jogging pictures. Anyway, enough about the image(as is my standard, click the pic for the mix):

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the music:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I had heard the Chromatics' Plaster Hound album and really couldn't believe that this was the same band as I heard doing "Running Up That Hill"(which is a Kate Bush cover and I'm going to go out on a limb here and admit my own ignorance of who that actually is). Anywho, that's my favorite track off of the (new) Chromatics album, Night Drive. I was only recently introduced to Say Hi To Your Mom by a good friend and "Prefers Unhappy Endings" was the first track that I heard. I really enjoy it and it's sure to get lodged in your brain(as in drunk humming it at the international house of pancakes at 4 in the morning).

The Frankie Valli track is really stand out to me. I don't know it's initial release date, but I know it's old(somewhere in between 62 and 67). I love love love the drums/bass in it. love them. seriously. Good movement there. Way to go, frankie.

I had a few Apparat tracks a few mixes back. I had never come across his collab with Ms. Allien until last week and immediately I dropped the Fugazi track that I had initially put on here and put this on instead. B/c who out of my readership has never heard Fugazi? Seriously, comment if you haven't and I'll upload a whole mix of just Fugazi.

Yeasayer is cool and I thought I was cool for hearing them first until I picked up a Fader and BAM there they were, all up in my face. I included the sage-like advice track of Dan Le Sac as a means of passing it on to those who've not been graced by his preaching. The video is better, go find it on YOUTUBE. Backtracking a moment, go listen to a young ass Jay-Z on "Can I Get Open?" Dan(not Le Sac), if you read this, you'll recognize the beat on that track, I promise.

The Annie Lennox track was in American Beauty and I watched it again recently
and the track moved me. blah blah blah unwarranted sentimentality.

Ugly, Calla, and m## are all throwback tracks spanning the past few years. If unfamiliar, Ugly Casanova was a short spanning side project of Modest Mouse frontman, Isaac Brock. It's grand. The m83 track may get on your nerves.

The Hangar track is depressing and you'll probably only want to hear it once in your life(think an aural version of Requiem For a Dream, but not quite as deep/dark...more so full of regret)
. I liked it as a closer though.

Also, I tried my best to keep this mix under 100mb so I could upload it all in one go. I succeeded at 99.5mb=yeah!

take it easy and see you again soon.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

a dark day(Monday November 5 2007)

Rest in Peace albumbase.com

you provided me with so much internet love. You'll be missed with your multi-linking system. If ever my Rapidshare limit was exceeded, you were always there with a sendspace one to rub me on the back and make me feel like I could still find that Beat Happening S/T. Damnit, I miss you so much already. You were always so much better of a friend to me than Shareminer.com could ever hope to be. It'll be hard to fill your vast library shoes. RIP indeed.

(read also, this is not a direct confession of my online piracy, RIAA)