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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Number Whatever

A real mix of the craziness that's been on constant rotation in my car. Some of these tracks just didn't make Savage Lifestyle,, but a majority are fresh cuts. I love the video for the Sheek Louch track. Was only recently introduced to Chris Clark, so for this mix I cut down from 5 songs to what is seen here. I went crazy when I heard him. The Icy Demons track is so simplistic, but it immediately made me want to call a friend in Miami. The Snowglobe song is available on their Myspace page and nowhere else. You may also recognize it as an intro used on Doing the Distance. I don't really have much more to say. If there are any questions, comment. Enjoy.

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see you next time.


Soph! said...

first song..i love it. you know i cant stop dancing wheni hear it

Jim Dandy said...

track 2 is coming to hi-tone on tuesday(i plan to go). track 4 has been playing in my head and car constantly(and actually inspired me to call a friend in miami). track 6 is frenetic crazy weird dance music. track 8 is a damned good time. track 9 has only been released on a compilation(or their myspace)...it's snowglobe. You may like track 11. not sure. It's a santogold remix. track 14 is a personal favorite. it's a remix of El-P's "Flyentology", but you can actually understand what he's saying. Track 13 is weirdly pleasant. Track 16 is coming here in may.