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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Space Animals(Bear and Cat)

so, dudes, it's been a couple of months and I apologize in a most huge manner. I was out of the country for a long long while, and then internet incapacitated for a few weeks as well. I do so hope that you will enjoy these. I realize that very little of this is freshly released, but I'm hoping quality will shine through where fantastic newity may fall short. Again, sorry for the most heinous delay/dearth. I plan to get back onto an active schedule starting today.

without more jabbering, Space Cat(more rock oriented) Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

streaming(where available):
Dead Gaze-This Big World
Bakesale-Prom Song
Ty Segall-Girlfriend
Janelle Monae-Come Alive(War of the Roses)
Boris-Woman on the Screen
Male Bonding-Scrooked Scene
Best Coast-Everybody's Gone
Theophilus London-Flying Overseas
Golden Triangle-Death To Fame
Kap Bambino-Hunger, Texas
Ty Segall-Girlfriend
My Bloody Valentine-Sometimes
King Tubby-Special Brew
Qwel & Maker-Paper Dolls
Matthew Dear-I Can't Feel
Sons and Daughters-Medicine
Blur-Fool's Day
Woods-Blood Dries Darker
Duke Ellington-Creole Love Call
Steve Mason-Understand My Heart
Denali-Lose Me
Shabazz Palaces-4 shadows...
Alan Moore/Crook&Flail-Unearthing

Space Bear(more not rock oriented)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Streaming(where available):
James Blake-CMYK
Black Chow-Purple Smoke
Elite Gymnastics-Montana
HEALTH-Nice Girls(Little Loud Remix)
Guilty Simpson-New Heights
James Blake-I'll Stay
HEALTH-Before Tigers(Gold Panda Remix)
Mount Kimbie-50 Mile View
Lil B-Real Life(Pictureplane's True Reality Edit)
Big K.R.I.T.-Country Shit
Ellen Allien-Our Utopie
Growing-Massive Dropout
A-Trak-Twerk That Driver
Deadmau5-Alone With You
Bear In Heaven-Ultimate Satisfaction(The Field Remix)

I included a couple of Ty Segall tracks off of his latest in order to show his progression.
Faves for me are Dead Gaze, Bakesale(local love), both Ty tracks, the Theophilus London track(thanks Jimix), MBV, new Matthew Dear, both remixes of HEALTH, James Blake, Guilty Simpson, Mount Kimbie, and Deadmau5. It's easy to zone out to the Deadmau5 track. If you think you recognize Steve Mason's voice, perhaps you are correct. He was the singer of (High Fidelity) famous band The Beta Band.

Hope you enjoy! Comments are always welcomed. If you ever need assistance in finding any artist that you've liked from these mixes, let me know and I'll try to hook you up.

P.S. Bonus points if you recognize the space bear from somewhere.

dudes, enjoy.

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