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Saturday, December 13, 2008

No Funny Business

To anyone hating rock music before 1970, sincerest of apologies for the first handful of tracks on this mix. One day last week, I had a huge day of rock flashbacks from my childhood and felt the need to download as much 50s and early 60s rock as I could remember. I actually made a mix of nothing but that, but then wondered who would download it..(although if any of you want it, shoot me a message). Beyond there I extend into a Breeders track taken from another failed mix of mine. It was to be a "Divine" mix with all of the songs being about, having within the title, or referencing God or Satan. I scratched that idea. I do have 2 themed mixes that will be coming out soon though. Another divine track being the Violent Femmes track. The Bird track is from his forthcoming album. AS yet only terrible rips have made it to the internet without being shut down. Hope you can get past the crappy quality to hear the beauty(if you like old an. dr. ew anyhow...name split for fear of being shut down by the web marshal...i shit you not. there is an entity out there pa[trolling] the net that is actually called such). New Bon Iver, as well as new music from a crew of others(some new to me, some not so). Anyhow, as always, I hope you enjoy this.

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lemme know what you think.

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