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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oct's Arms

I snagged a dance party pic from my facebook, made a lotus and an almost Shiva. The name of this mix is admittedly dumb, but how many of them aren't? Anyhow, about the music...
There's little here by way of dance or hip hop. There's only one track that I'd consider experimental. This is just of note.

I'd never heard The intelligence until I read a pitchfork review of their latest album, Males. I checked it out and liked the whole album so much that I put three of the tracks here for your enjoyment. I can track down the full album again if you would like. Just comment. The Deerhunter tracks(excluding the remix) are off of their latest, Halcyon Digest. If you want a link for that, I'm happy to provide. Navajo Bixby has been seen around FAGL before on the Strand 1 Mix . I don't know much about French Horn Rebellion, but I bet you'll like it. Prettiness follows with Sunset, Houses, and a new Belle and Sebastian track. The biggest WTF moment of this mix has to come from El-P and Chin Chin singer Wilder Zoby. Apparently Zoby recorded the synth solo toward the end of the track in one take at 5 in the morning while incredibly drunk and stoned. Nothing like this has ever come out of El-P's fingers before.

I <3 TOBACCO(and anti-pop). I know you're heartbroken because there's only one mix here. I couldn't bring myself to plow your ears with a thousand songs at this time. Anyway, here: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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