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Saturday, February 12, 2011

What is it with four panels and FAGL?

Good question. Maybe I'm just sinking into easy habits.
This mix is loud. Starts off loud, middles in loudness and kinda flutters into dissonance toward the end. Lots of great punk and post punk, psych covers, soft and loud garage, stoner rock, etc.
Disappears is one of the dudes from the Ponys and two dudes from the Boas.
Wire's new album is great, as is Smash. They flex it for some old guys.
Personal and the Pizzas I found out about during Gonerfest of this past year, but wasn't reminded of the album again until around New Years.
Bare Wires is ex-Memphian, now Oaklander Matt Meldon. He's also been a part of Snake Flower 2 as well as releases under his own name.
Natural Child gets down with Jeff the Brotherhood. That should be enough to entice you.
The Ty Segall/JEFF the Bro tracks are froma split between the two.
I don;t think there's anything insanely original about Thought Creature, but I seriously cannot stop playing their record. It's so catchy and snotty.
Ilitch is older than I am and I love it.
Nods to The Barbaras(who have now spread into the wind as members of The Magic Kids, Wavves, and Girls of the Gravitron, as well as Billy Hayes solo material). Prolific dudes, all of them.
I know little about Tera Melos, but I find the repetitive chorus to be infectious.
Zach Hill(drummer of HELLA) is featured on the Robby Moncrieff album.

Yes, I realized that I just talked about a lot of material, but it's hard to not find something you really like out of 27 tracks...

Without further GASFASmjsdrgdx:

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Enjoy your weekend. Cuddle up on the couch with a mug of chili and some milk and play this loud enough to piss off your neighbor 3 houses(equal to 5 apartments) down. (Particularly Daughters and OFF!)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Cowboy?

Happy birthday, Dan! This mix has nothing to do with your musical taste, but Hell, maybe you'll like a few of them. This one has some pretty ponies(the mix following this one will actually have one of the Ponys on it. Cheers if you understand this).
Mister Heavenly is one of the few Sub Pop bands that was signed before the label had seen them perform live a single time. The band consists of Nicky diamonds from Unicorns/Islands, Honus Honus of Man Man, and the drummer for Modest Mouse/The Shins(I forget his name...bad fan?). Michael Cera has also been known to play live bass for them.
Smith Westerns track is T-Rex-ish in a good way.
Lykke Li gets re-twerked by Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio.
blah blah blah Tennis
Ducktails featuring Dent May and Panda Bear
New cut from the new Feelies record.
some weirdness follows
Dreamend is interesting. He's a member of Black Moth Super Rainbow and is the head of the label that they release on. This music sounds nothing like BMSR, which I'm fine with. It's nice to see artists branch out and do their own thing.
Com Truise is a new signee at Ghostly International.
Sabres of Paradise is old WARP Records material.

Hope you find something that makes you go happy.

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I'll be releasing another mix on Saturday. Happy snow day, Mempholk.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Two Socks' No Socks

Oh boy, what a few weeks. Great music I've found, but I'm still playing catch up as far as putting out mixes. I've been trying to space them out, but I now have a back log of 4. Today, I present Two Socks' No Socks.

I do have Big Love for this mix, from start to finish. Favorites are the Savage Skulls/Robyn track, Duck Sauce's take onChromeo, Dom feat Gucci, Star Slinger Vs Teams(if you're in Memphis, Star Slinger plays Hi Tone in March with Anticon's Baths), Chali 2na with Rusko(WHAAAAAA), Nocando on top of El-P, Big Krit with soul band Grillade(Tops), the weirdness that is Sub Swara with Dead Prez(where the hell have they been?), and the ever wonderful and talented Theophilus London.

I almost forgot the Lone track. It's so weird and scattered, yet driving. Much appreciation. I get some citrus notes.

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More mixes will probably follow shortly. I've had this one uploaded for about a week and a half, but have just been lazy...


Note: Not my left foot. The foot belongs to one Nicky Two Socks.