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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Psychedelic Babby Art Volume 1 & 2

so hey,
I'm so pumped about both of these mixes! I feel like they're both simply spilling over with excellence. I'm biased as f*ck, yet still... Volume one is all electronic with the usual mix of whatever I get my hands on(never drum and bass). volume two picks up where the first one spills over, raging out with neo-disco squelches of new LCD Soundsystem and Holy Fuck. I hate Charlotte Gainsbourg as an actress. This is an absolute for me, so I figured I might hate her music as well. I should've listened more to her genealogy rather than trying to judge her music by her acting. Her music is fantastic. Witness here the same track twice, once redone by Matthew Dear. Pure beauty, I say. New HEALTH is great. It's the lone original track from their upcoming remix disc. Live Bulletproof Vests from the Stax Museum in lovely Memphis, Tennessee. Psychedelic Horseshit plays Hi Tone on Monday 4-26-10(if you're in Memphis...). The weather outside is most likely beautiful no matter where you are, so I encourage you to blast either of these mixes whether you're jogging, biking, strolling, driving, or even indoor/outdoor house cleaning(in my case today). I double loaded on a couple of the artists here. I did this in the case of the Black Keys to show how different their newest album sounds.

In the case of Blank Dogs, I'm fond of what they're doing but insist that Moroder did it better... The voice on the Kavinsky track is Lovefoxxx from CSS(if you're wondering).
The Electronic One:
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The Rock One
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I won't bother with anymore typing. Grab what you will. Let me know what you liked, loved, hated, etc. I'm always willing to feed more tracks to anyone.


As with last week, I had a late addition that I decided to not put on here(I included last week's bonus round within these mixes and will probably do the same with this track next time). If on facebook, go to http://fuckagreatlake.blogspot.com for viewing pleasure.

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