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Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Yearworks

I apologize for being behind on releasing this. It's been a busy few weeks. Hope everyone had a good new year. I had too good of one and woke up drunk the next day and couldn't complete sentences properly until the sun had gone down again. SO, anyhow these tracks...how about them...
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If you're a regular then you've heard the Kate Bush track before, as I posted the Chromatics' version some weeks ago. I apologize if you're not a Feist lover, all of the Feist tracks are remixes(so maybe you'll still enjoy). The Amplive track is off the soon to not be released Radiohead remix disc. This past week, he was ordered to desist from making the album(bummer, since the included remix of nude is pretty grand). blah blah happy new year. enjoy my fireworks. Lots of dancy music on this one. I dunno why.

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