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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Space Case

Lately, I've felt like one. I started to call this shot in the dark and try to make a black background like Metallica's black album with a black outline of a corpse with stark red blood flowing out...but i got lazy and did this. check my chupacabra.
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Anyhow, I start out this week with The Cool Kids who have had a revival on my LAst FM charts. when the hell is their full length coming out? Then slip into a little known nugget from about 3-4 years ago, the Daedelus track is from a split 7 inch between D and Boombip and features both of them remixing Donnie Darko score songs. Admittedly five of these tracks were pre-sourced(like that?) from another mix. I'll be amazed if any of you can tell me whose mix(unless of course your next step is just to google the tracks enough to figure out...even then I'd still be amazed that you gave that much of a shit lol) anyhow, my standouts:

Midnight Juggernauts-such a weird sound. The distorted drums of the likes of Justice with subdued vocals leading into a soaring chorus

Mancino-Brooklyn nerd rock ala I don't have a clue. It's catchy, but not trashy. A nerd's Vampire Weekend with all the pop sensibilities but lacking the sound that makes the panties drop(what the hell am i talking about anymore?)

Alan Braxe and Friends- This track is nuts. I love it for what I feel like it should be...an afterhours coke jam. strung out people hugging.

Coach And Four-yes, I want this album to sell,s o go buy it. This song is about the Memphis Tigers 1985 NCAA team, so if you're a tigers fan like moi...well...it doesn't disappoint.

Back to the briefs...Beck covered Korgis' track for the Eternal Sunshine Soundtrack. Another awesome track from local producer/DJ, The Sky Patrol. Bill Callahan plays the Hi-Tone on February 28, so if you haven't heard him, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE. Same with Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat. They play the Hi-Tone with the Black Lips on March 21. Fuck, I love the 8-bit keys from crystal castles. They're crazy. that's all i can say. I'd have to upload many more songs for you to understand. Speaking again of Boombip, he and doseone's track has always been a favorite from their album, circle(their one and only together).

And of course, where would I be without a Fourtet remix? Have a nice afternoon.

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